Wirral Community Organisers' Listening Campaign

(Published on 13/03/2019)

A message from Eve Harber Barrett, from Wirral Community Organisers:


As part of Community Organisers National Network we are listening to things that you, our communities, care about.  Together, this will help build a picture of the issues that matter to us and motivate us, locally and nationally, as individuals and as a movement.


Once we have identified these issues, we can use our collective power to support action nationally across communities.


Over the next week, Zoe and I are listening to local people across Birkenhead. We are also asking fellow organisations, groups and individuals to send us what matters to them, and what issues they are identifying on a daily basis in their communities. 


The main question we are asking is 'What are the most important issues in your community?'

You can send us some responses via email, pop in and see us at St James Centre or give us a ring.


We'll be sure to keep you up to date and involved with what happens next. You can find more information on the Community Organisers website - https://www.corganisers.org.uk/


We hope you can help, and support this campaign. This is about more than just listening, we want to begin to use our movement and the power it holds to create meaningful change with our communities.


We're also looking for events, drop ins and chances for Zoe and I to come and have a catch up to help us understand and listen to other communities. If anyone has anything happening, please let us know.


Feel free to give me a call.



Address: St James Centre - North Birkenhead Development Trust, 344 Laird Street, Birkenhead, CH41 7AL

Telephone: 0151 670 9974

Email: eve.barrett@corganisers.org.uk